Spring cleaning activated mobile accommodation with fresh living feeling

Spring cleaning in house and caravan shares similarities: in both cases, a work plan is useful because systematic approach reduces the time required. The selection of suitable cleaners also simplifies the cleaning much easier. A consistent spring cleaning for the camper begins with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior area: Particular attention should here put on possible damage from condensation indoors.

Condensation damage in the interior – the treatment and prevention

Cool ambient temperatures, lack of ventilation and inadequately sealed doors. Windows and hatches provide during the winter break that moisture condenses inside the motorhome and manifests itself in the worst case as a mold and/or mildew stains. Left untreated this damage from condensation reduce the value and the comfort of your motorhome considerably and are also classified as hazardous to health.

Superficial mold on smooth, easily accessible surfaces can be removed with anti-mold agents from the hardware store. A mold cleaner for basic cleaning and disinfection of contaminated surfaces and a protective agent for regular treatment are usually available in a set.

For stubborn, recurring damage it is recommended from condensation a professional interior renovation.